Million.js is an extremely fast and lightweight (<4kb) virtual DOM that makes React components (opens in a new tab) up to 70% faster (opens in a new tab).

Oh man... Another /virtual dom|javascript/gi (opens in a new tab) framework? I'm fine with React (opens in a new tab) already, why do I need this?

Million works with React. Million makes creating web apps just as easy (It's just wrapping a React (opens in a new tab) component!), but with faster rendering and loading speeds. By using a fine-tuned, optimized virtual DOM, Million.js reduces the overhead of React (try it out here (opens in a new tab))

TL;DR: Imagine React (opens in a new tab) components running at the speed of raw JavaScript.

Choose Your Own Adventure

If you're just looking into trying out Million.js, you can follow guided examples with the Quickstart. If you know what you're doing, jump right into the Installation Guide.

If you're confused about an error message, you can check out the rules of blocks to see what's allowed and what's not.