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JS Framework Benchmark

Geometric mean of all benchmarks (higher is better)

Based on JS Framework Benchmark data (Chrome 102)

React at the speed of raw JS

Million.js optimizes React, improving its performance. It stands out as one of the top performers in the JS Framework Benchmark.

Up to 70% faster* than React.

* - Benchmarks may not represent real-world performance.

Integrate and ship in minutes.

No need to learn a new framework. Works with your existing React components.

Note: Benchmarks (via JS Framework Benchmark) do not represent real-life performance. Million.js does have some limitations. Performance improvements may be more noticeable with apps that include more data / UI components.

What's in Million.js?

The tools to make React faster, automatically.

Block Virtual DOM

Million.js introduces a novel "block" virtual DOM. It's significantly faster than React's virtual DOM, as it diffs data instead of the DOM.

Supercharged Compiler

Million.js uses a custom compiler that automatically optimizes your React components on the server.

Automatic Mode

Tired of learning new frameworks and big migrations? Million.js ships a drop-in automatic mode to make your React apps faster, without any code changes.

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